2022-01-10: iPod

Well todays slug is nicely patterny…

So I’ve been thinking about getting an MP3 player. Like an old-skool iPod. And I even found one I like the look of… I could stick an infinite amount of storage on it… write a little script to sync podcasts and I’d have something like my phone but with zero load times and which works with my *really nice* headphones.

…and then I discovered theres a big second hand market for retrofitting ancient iPods with modern components… modern batteries and SSDs.

…and then I remembered I keep in my treasure chest (literally) an ancient iPod my parents bought me for getting into Uni 15 years ago…

Yeah I might have to do that. I love having old kit kept alive and upgraded and the iPod is sentimental. I’d love to use it again.

Plus that transparent one is sick. With my original engraved case? Oh boy. New firmware to play FLACs? Oh boy.


Yeah. I kinda really want to do this.