2022-01-12: Sterilization

Tomorrow (which due to my own laziness and drinking too much last night is actually today) I am being sterilized.

No more babies for me! I’m free I’m free.

I wanted it done when I was younger but my partner wouldn’t consent. Then we had another kid and now I’m allowed. Did you know you need your partners consent to get a vasectomy? I didn’t. It slightly annoys me, I mean I get the reason but it’s my body. The GP will also apparently routinely refuse to do it if you’re under 30 too *just in case*. It feels somewhat condescending to say that I’m not in charge of my own body… I mean I get that women get this all the time… but it’s just… Eurgh.

Anyway. A diazepam to relax me (and drop things) a short operation and then tight undies and rest for a few days.

I will milk it for all its worth.