2022-01-14: Dotfiles

I’m a nerd, I manage computers on the web, I have a bunch of configuration files I need to sync between computers of varying not-quite-compatible operating systems.

I’ve tried syncing thing with various dotfiles managers. I’ve tried putting things in Git and symlinking them. I’ve tried manually copying files between backups (and y’know what that actually works pretty well).

I have a new solution: I use Emacs. I have an Org file that describes how I want my dotfiles to be configured. On pressing `C-x C-v C-t` or `M-x org-babel-tangle` it copies all my files into the right places. Shell scripts installed. Systemd unit files added on Linux. Colors shared between different apps and put into the right places. Explanation all in sensible text and code in snippets.

I really like it. So far so manageable. I spent today refactoring things whilst I recover from the *very traumatic and major operation*. I still really like it. So far, things seem to just work. Try!