2022-01-15: How to Take Smart Notes

I finished a book about keeping notes.

It was rubbish! A load of pontificating on isn’t it great that this person kept a load of notes and they did it by sticking a punch of index cards in a box. A bunch of pontificating about, and uncritical references and by Chapter 11 a few tips on how to actually do it yourself.

Yeah. Not hugely impressed.

That said the basic method of zettelkastens I quite like. I’ve been doing them with Emacs and Org-roam, and overall I’m finding it quite useful. The book describing it less so, but hey ho. A few interesting references for the slip box.

The book if you’re interested.

Next things to read:

Busy doing nothing

A diary of a boat journey from Japan to Canada by the 100 rabbits folks whose tech projects are beautiful

Warez: The Infrastructure and Aesthetics of Piracy

An academic study of the Warez scene from the weirder corners of the internet.

Just keep reading!