2022-01-24: What did I do today?

- I made breakfasts and lunches for all

- I took the kid to school

- Emptied the dishwasher set it off again

- Took out the laundry put more on

- Started preparing tomorrows tutorial

- Had a meeting to say hi to my TAs, but they didn’t listen

- Sent many emails

- Got my new glasses, one color is wrong but I don’t care

- Got my new jumpers and t-shirts

- Had a nosebleed on the jumper

- Made a chicken sandwich with gravy mayo like *Max’s Sandwich Shop* do but the cucumber wasn’t nice

- Did my days filing

- Updated exercises

- Chatted with a friend I haven’t seen in years who showed me her pots and I showed her mine (no innuendo)

- Went for a run—5km but I fell over at about 4km and limped for a bit

- Got the *Car Boys* game just barely working enough for the kid to do a jump

- Made them their dinner

- Washed the kid

- Made the kid do their reading

- Got the kid to sleep, with poems and songs

- Emptied the dishwasher set it off again

- Took out the laundry and put more on

- Cleaned the kitchen, the hob and tidied the living room

- Told my partner off for always telling me its wrong. No I’m not depressed, sometimes you’re just a bit of a bitch. You’re allowed to disagree but you shouldn’t just constantly dismiss my effort

- Made pesto for the fridge

- Made a salad of watercress, pesto and peas

- Watched an episode of *Toast of London* (I hear you Clem Fandango)

- Emptied the dishwasher

- Went to bed

- Wrote this

- Maybe a chapter or two of *Busy Doing Nothing*?

It never feels like I do a lot… but when you write it down it is kind of scary. I’m sure I’m forgetting stuff too. Little things. Waved at the baby from the corridor huddled in his covid prison. Stole a piece of tiffin. Took my pill and some cold medicine ‘cos I was feeling lousy.

I also made the kid do his lateral flow test before school… which is stressful. He hates it. *Hates it*. But whilst my partner is ill he has to do it every day to go. So I have to make him. It is horrible. Hate making him do things he doesn’t want to but thats part of being a dad.

Blood when dripping out from your nose
Tends to land on your brand new clothes
The jumper was orange,
And with a small lozenge
of soap; all the blood, I did hose!