2022-03-01: Getting back to it

I’ve been throwing pots (well bowls) again! Its lovely to get back to the studio and feel the clay moving and practicing.

There is something wonderfully zen about throwing. Clay doesn't behave nicely. Its a battle between your own control and what the clay wants to do which is often fall into ribbons around your fingers. You have to let go.

Last time I did the course I managed to make 3 awful ones. This time I made 7 bad ones. Improving! Smashed all but one (hey not everything makes it to the kiln) which requires letting go too.

What else did I do? I started reinstalling OpenBSD on my laptop which is nice. It feels calmer than Linux. More controlled. I like it.

I also listened to an episode of the Porn Hub Podcast about polyamory (amongst other things). I think it helps me understand what happened with D. Still makes me sad, but the happy pills help as does going to the oub and trying to make friends again. Getting there. I like Asa shes so joyous about sex and keen. Good host.

Episode in question with Dirty Lola.

Still so tired. E says I’m depressed. Honestly I’m just tired and couped up. Lack of (good regular) sex and a baby who isn’t sleeping doesn’t help.

Though O gave me a big grin last night! First proper one :-D and J is a darling as always