2022-03-14: Authentication Denied

Wake up, get out of bed, drag a comb across my head. Find wireless charger failed to charge phone. Swear a little and stick on external battery: you can charge that at the office. Look for iPod. Find that is out of battery. Swear a little more. Grab airpods. Lateral flow… still negative but the tests are junk still at least you can teach your class.

Walk in. Get cash out on the way to pay the kid his pocket money. My card is declined so I use the joint account. Stupid bank they sent me a new card in the height of lockdown and I couldn't get to a cashpoint to activate it then. Joint still works though.

Fall asleep on the train. Guard wakes me appologising but he needs to check my ticket. Stumble in once out and through the ticket barrier. Day riders struggling with the gate machines. Stumble up the hill past the good coffee shop for a minutes zen and decent coffee.

Into office. Find work computer has updates to install. And everything has been signed out of the work account. Every week I need to reenter the password in every app but as I only come in once a week its 20 minutes of my life going through Outlook, Excell, Teams, Word, OneDrive. Each time it prompts for 2FA. My watch buzzes I hit authenticate. It says failed. Reach for phone but out of battery now. Charge and try again. It flicks between the authenticator and another app 7 or 8 times before scanning my face, not recognising me and wanting a password. For every app. Stupid diet and beard growth.

Surely theres a better way?