2022-04-20: Long Covid

The horrible virus has done my tastebuds in. This is *deeply* annoying and frustrating for me. If I try and eat meat or some forms of citrus then it tastes of cigarettes.

- Beef :: THE WORST

- Pork :: Meh. Tasteless at best

- Lamb :: Bad

- Duck :: Bad

- Chicken :: Still disgusting (but I have never been a fan)

- Lemons :: Fine!

- Lemon flavoured things (e.g. soda, tonic water...) :: Cigaretty at best

- Apple and blackberry crumble :: Crunchy cigarette water

- Apple and ginger juice :: Oh hell no.

- Coke :: Yuk

- Fish :: Mercifully, still good.

Honestly it is really getting me down. Given that my Partner and Kid aren't exactly fish fans its forced a bit of a vegetarian lifestyle (okay... pescetarian). I eat *a lot* of cheese now. And beer. Beer is lovely. Most wine too. I'm not opposed to this particularly but it is annoying. I miss eating lasagna with the kiddo.

What's more annoying is how people forget things are meat. I have been offered a lot of pork pies and had to say no thankyou, for people to then realise they might have meat in them (_probably_ is the appropriate word admittedly).

Would you like a nice pork pie?
For me the taste just makes me cry!
Covid, me old mate,
My tastebuds decimate!
Will it improve we know not if when or why!