2022-01-26: Org like CSS

I was Googling the *Rekka Bellum* (who wrote a diary about sailing from Japan to Canada on a boat called *Pino*) and I saw a cute little thing on their webpage where links are stylized…

{ like this }

Well thats cool! How do I do that then there has to be a better way than manually inserting of them. So I googled and learned a bit of CSS. I can make things look a bit like Org mode now even when it really isn’t. That’s cool!

a::before { content: "〚"; }
a::after { content:  "〛"; }
h1::before { content: "﹡ "; }
h2::before { content: "﹡﹡ "; }
h3::before { content: "﹡ ﹡ ﹡ "; }
li::before { content: "⁃ "; }

Okay the `li` one isn’t working yet but I learned something new. Yay CSS!