Sapolsky on Depression

This was an interesting article. I will quote the opening:

Sapolsky opens by offering an unusual viewpoint - when it comes to human diseases, there are few disease out there that are bad as depression. It is crippling. It is pervasive. It wipes out any capacity for joy, hope or pleasure. Cancer victims will often express gratitude for their disease. It woke them up, gave them a new perspective, helped them rebuild important relationships and get to the meaning of life.
This is not depression.
Depression destroys perspective, undermines relationships, steals joy. Depression isn't a disease that you are grateful for having. It doesn't open doors; it closes them. And in this lecture Sapolsky will show that it's every bit as real as diabetes. You don't tell someone without insulin to just get over it, but this is exactly what happens with depression. Yet both diseases are characterized by hormones and chemical reactions that are way out of control.

The article.

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