A strange sort of Snorlax...

Hi I'm Jo. Sometimes its nice to have a place to stick your thoughts, ideas and art.

This is mine.

Sometimes I make hawaiian shirts...

2021-09-10 Waiting for tests
2021-09-01 Sapolsky on Depression
2021-08-19 A high art sext
2021-08-15 A cocktail I don't want to drink
2021-08-10 Seasons
2021-08-09 Train Drunk
2021-08-07 I like coffee
2021-08-05 Trimmer goes *bzzrt*
2021-08-02 New job Haiku
2021-08-01 Emo whining #1
2021-07-28 ʳᵉᵇᵉˡˡⁱᵒⁿ
2021-07-27 Disco Felons
2021-07-26 Hello World